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 A professional writer who merely writes without first understanding his or her target audiences might as well be writing content just for himself.

Content marketing goes beyond what you think is good. You have to realize that your content is for your target audience. With that in respect, it is not enough to come up with something that you think is good for them.

 You need to come up with something that you KNOW is good for them?. something of value that they will appreciate and can relate. Only then are you on the right path of being a TRUE content marketer.


Once you write content with your readers in mind, it certainly will be reflected in the work that you produce and in more ways than one, your readers will love you for it.

To The Point


To Add a Bullet to an Existing Text Entry

  1. Position the insertion point at the beginning of your text entry.
  2. Type a symbol that you want to use as a bullet. To create the bullet character, press ALT+0149 (type 0149 on the numeric keypad).

    You may want to include a space after the character so that the bullet will not be next to the text. Note that the bullet is an extended character and may not be available with all fonts.

    Some other examples of characters you can use include: >, /, ~, !, and others.


What entices people to click on your content? What can make them think it is worth their time to read YOUR content out of the many others out there?

 Your content title.

 Your content's title can either make or break your content because having an uninteresting title result in people simply ignoring it. Even though if you have a killer content, it won't matter if the title is accompanying it is... boring.

 Learn how to come up with titles, which relates and speaks to the target audience. Use titles which spur emotions or ones tied with a current trend are great. But of course, the most share-worthy contents are ones with a great headline and killer content.

Visual Elements

 Images and videos are a great way to spice up your content. Plus, if they accompany your title, it's an even better click-magnet. And EVERYONE loves pictures and videos.

 There are many people out there who are very visual people and by using images and videos it is a great way to satisfy their visual senses. Not to mention, images and videos make great sharing material so if they like what they see, you can be sure that they will willingly share it with their family and friends.

 Info graphics are now gaining popularity, and it is a great way to present facts and statistics in a fun way and not through the boring way of numbers and percentages.

 So if you ever find your content to be numerically heavy and filled with lots of numbers and percentages, do consider presenting those data in an info graphic form.


 There's nothing as valuable as experience itself, and experience is a great thing to share with people who have NOT been-there done-that. People who are interested in the same niche will always be more keen to learn and listen from those who have prior experience.


Plus, it's much easier to come up with content when you write what you already know. So take the opportunity to use your experience to help people.

 When you come off as a person with plenty of prior experience, you will be regarded as an authoritative figure in your niche, and you will be certainly respected and trusted by your fellow readers.



The real challenge of coming up with content is the need to come up with quality content, time and time again. Great content goes stale very fast in the World Wide Web and your readers are a voracious bunch. You need to be constantly feeding them fresh and valuable content.

 Once you initially hook them with a great content, they will keep coming back for more. And it is your responsibility to provide it to them.

 Being a good content writer is having an open mind. By having an open mind, only then will you be able to constantly learn and absorb new things. Learning new things is important because it helps you consistently churn out valuable content for your readers.

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Got Something to Share? Build a Website the Easy Way
by Bill Sharp
Category: Computers & Internet
Subcategory: Web Design / Graphics
Have you ever thought of having your own website?

The Internet has become a platform, a virtual soapbox for anyone with an opinion or an interest to be able to share that with the rest of the world. The chances are high that you're reading this very article over the Internet.

Today, getting a website onto the Internet is as easy as point-and-click. No longer do you have to know all the laborious HTML code that you needed to know only a few short years ago.

You don't even have to know ftp protocols or how to design a site. Most website hosting companies now provide templates of websites that you can customize with your own links, and content, as easily as you would adjust or edit a letter in your word processor.

There are many companies who will even give you free web space on their computers, mainly referred to as servers, to put your very own website onto. In exchange, they add an advertisement onto your site, usually at the top - called a header. Do a search on the Internet for "free website hosting" and checkout your results.

Think about what you would like to share with the world.

Do you have any hobbies you're passionate about, or interests you'd love to let others know about? Are you a Chess player who can share strategies about the game? Do you have an opinion about happenings in the world that others should know about? Are you into photography, or stamp collecting, butterflies, quilting, scrap booking, remote control models, airplanes, religion, politics, art, or a host of just about any imaginable topics? Some people even use their website to update relatives on their family activities, or new children etc.

Chances are that if you're interested in something, someone else in the world is also.

Once you have your website up and running you can either choose to keep it low-key where you only give the address to certain people. Or you can post your website address on forums, bulletin boards, on every email you send out, and even do link-swaps with other people who have similar or complementary sites to yours. You do that by having a links page, where you put links that lead to other people's sites and they put your link on their website. All you need to do is contact the owner of the website you want to do a link-swap with.

Having other people link to your site also increases your chances of being indexed higher in the search engine listings.

Try to be committed to your website. Keep the content and photos etc. up-to-date. The internet is known for having a lot of "dead" information - content that is never updated for years and years; in fact, the website owner has abandoned the site but never taken it off the air. People enjoy and deserve fresh content.

If you want to be reached, add a link to your email address. Make sure it's an address that's not your main source of email. Find a free email account like Hotmail, or Yahoo etc. This is because there is a tendency for people to sometimes abuse your address and spam you with lots of unwanted mail. If you get that, you can always just start another free email account and change the link on your site.

Even if you don't want to design and maintain your own site, an even easier way for you to get your opinion, or your recipes, or any type of information out is to start a blog, which is short for web log.

There are many free blogging hosts on the Internet for you to use and using them is as simple as typing your letter or information for that day, and clicking on the publish button. Your information is instantly transferred to your blog site for anyone to read. Easy as that!

So, whatever you choose to do, go out and do it. There's a world of people eagerly awaiting and needing what you have to offer.

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